The kit consists of: KERATIN SHAMPOO Shampoo with alkaline PH, promotes the opening of hair scales. Purifying Shampoo removes deep chemical or environmental debris, deposited within the structure of the hair. Nourishes hydrates any hair type, in particular dried and processed. The combination of keratin and collagen creates within the structure of the hair the optimum conditions for the subsequent stages of treatment. HOW TO USE: Apply to wet hair, massage into scalp and lengths. Rinse and repeat a second application. Remove excess water, leaving your hair slightly damp, ready to receive the step 2 Keratin Mask. KERATIN MASK Intensive restructuring mask with keratin and collagen. Added with provitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin e. releases the proteins necessary to reinforce the internal structure of the hair. Leaves hair hydrated, chunky, morbili and manageable hair. Its action penetrates inside the previously open scales with the step1 Keratin Shampoo, reinforcing the internal structure of the hair. During the posale time scales close retaining the active ingredients. HOW TO USE:Apply to damp hair, 15-20 ml on lengths and ends. Massage and distribute the product evenly. Hold on for 4-5 minutes, then rischiaquare and proceed to step 3 Keratin spray. KERATIN SPRAY Keratinous lotion, repairs and rebuilds the external structure of the hair damaged by chemical treatments, as the protein molecules of keratin and collagen are fixed to the structure, making the hair stronger and more elastic. The Union of keratin and collagen, gives body to thin or thinning hair. How to use: spray 3-4 spray on damp hair, massaging gently. Do not risciaqua.
Codice prodotto: HGKBDGFR_0